Energy Use & Management

new england energy use & management
At PBS, we first help our clients get their arms around their energy usage. We graph all of their energy usage for the past 24 months. This enables our clients to see clear cut patterns of usage with variances noted on daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal time frames. Now that our clients understand how they use Gas and Electric power, we can then help the look at ways of reducing their energy consumption. Our recommendations are always based on a financial cost benefit analysis making good sense. If it will not improve the bottom line profit enough, we will not recommend the solution.

Reducing usage can involve unique sources such at Solar, Wind and Geo-Thermal generation. Also available are technologies that are called Co-Generation. This has many new applications and has become more main stream over the past few years. This might sound expensive but it does not have to be.

Many times our client’s are able to implement our recommendations without paying for these upgrades from their own pocket. Through Tax Incentives and Credits, Utility Company programs and Power Purchasing Agreements, our clients are able to reduce their out of pocket investment.

Another aspect of reducing energy usage is to confirm that the client’s buildings are as energy efficient as possible. We have used Thermal Imaging Cameras to determine where heat loss and moisture penetration is occurring. This analysis helps to drive down usage.

Comparing one property in their portfolio to all of the rest in the group will help determine which locations are screaming for attention. This may stem for inefficient construction methods or from incorrect billing and or metering. All of these items are review for each client.

Now that we have graphed usage and done all reasonably possible to reduce consumption, we can go to the markets. We help our clients use a “Reverse Auction.” When suppliers can see and understand the real use patterns of our clients, they are willing to bid down the energy rates that our clients pay for Gas and Electric. Through this “Reverse Auction” our clients are becoming a sought after customer of the big utilities. These suppliers are willing to offer very competitive rates to gain their business. This service has been in great demand. Please call us for more information.