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Performance Business Solutions, Inc. has been helping New England’s businesses reduce expenses and increase profits since 1995. We review all expenses with an eye toward improving pricing, service and/or terms. We utilize an array of professionals with many years of experience in their particular field.

Reviews include many common and mundane expense items like credit card processing and utilities. Since these are well represented in the marketplace, we need to cover areas that distinguish us from our competitors. We do this by using several techniques that others do not. One of the best is called “Revenue Banking”, which literally turns an expense into an income generator.

Another item has become very compelling over the past several years. The concept of “Cost Segregation Studies” has grown phenomenally. This allows commercial real estate owners to accelerate the depreciation on their properties. For instance, instead of waiting for 39 years (27.5 for apartments) to fully depreciate their properties, we often suggest the acceleration of the non-load bearing parts of the building. This can move a large portion of the cost of the building into 15, 7 or 5 year life, thereby saving the client taxes.

We typically work in conjunction with a client’s accounting firm to fully complete the service. We also work directly with the property owner if need be. We work on a “Vendor Pays” or a “Success Based” platform.

There are other items as well. Please browse the site and let us know if we can be of service.