Cost Segregation Consultants Maine

Cost Segregation Consultants MaineThe cost segregation consultants Maine business owners can turn to for major savings on their tax payments are found at Performance Business Solutions, LLC. Since 1995, we have been helping New England businesses reduce expenses and increase their profits with our expertly crafted strategies. Cost segregation can help commercial property owners lower income taxes. Cost segregation studies have been growing in popularity in recent years because of the great savings that they can provide for property owners. When they need to speak to the experts about cost segregation, Maine real estate owners turn to Performance Business Solutions, LLC.

Top Quality Cost Segregation for Maine and Surrounding Areas

Cost Segregation is a money saving strategy in which a property owner accelerates the depreciation on parts of the property that are not structurally significant This can move a large portion of the cost of the property into a 15,7, or 5-year life, thus saving the client income taxes. Reducing taxes is a huge benefit for all property owners looking to save money. We perform our services by looking at any available business plans, site surveys, appraisals, and invoices. After looking at these aspects, and visiting the site, our experts can get a good estimate on whether we can help you with cost segregation. Maine residents have turned to our cost segregation consultants to help save taxes on:

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Plazas
  • And Much More!

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When it comes to cost segregation consultants, Maine real estate owners know that our staff members are some of the absolute best in the business. Our professionals are trained experts in every aspect of cost segregation. Call us today at (603) 926-2888 to speak with one of our experts, risk-free. Remember, when it comes to cost segregation, Maine residents cannot make a better choice than hiring the experts at Performance Business Solutions, LLC.

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